Yoga Studio review: London’s TriYoga

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Walking into TriYoga’s space in SoHo for a 7:30am Open Flow Vinyasa class, I immediately felt good energy. The space was small but suited just fine for a desk and small shop. I’m always hesitant when I see a yoga clothing boutique in a yoga studio, but that is just what studios do. I always enjoy, however, the book collection as it usually is an indication of the yoga style and “mission statement” so-to-say of the studio (they passed my book approval).  The yoga room was bright with warm early morning sunlight, and a small Buddha statue faced us. The light color wood was decorated with purple studio mats, purple straps and purple blocks.   The gentle, slow-paced voiced teacher opened with inviting us to transition from doing to being. The theme of the lass was “Fire of transformation”: our practice on and off the mat is a fuel for transformation.  We should practice bringing everything into our lives- including doubts and fears- and alchemize it through our practice.  She asked us to invite the breath in unconditional support- no matter what is happening in our lives, including challenges, new invitations- as the breath is the thread that supports us.   The class was focusing on transformative poses of backbends, with a particular focus on the upper body.

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Pros: A small, peaceful and intimate space, yet one of the most popular

studios in the city with three different locations in very convenient spots of town gives it a high rating. They offer great workshops with well-respected international teachers (Donna Farhi and Annie Carpenter are hosting workshops there this month), and have well-trained teachers not only in asana but also the yogic philosophy.  My teacher had a wonderful voice and presence, and referred often to yoga philosophy such as working on tapas, and inviting us to acknowledge the subtle energy body through the flow of prana. She also provided great moderations for injuries.

Cons: No music (some people don’t prefer music but I enjoy it during practice), no hands-on assists, the open flow class wasn’t as “open” as I would have liked (much more suited for beginners, although any class can be made to any level by the student but ideally options for advanced poses are guided by the teacher).

Check out their schedule and locations here!

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