Summer Solstice Detox

Originally posted June 21, 2013

Once a season, I try to do a detox.  This one is coming not only in time for a spiritual cleansing opportunity with the Summer Solstice, the time of year where we should be eating the lightest and have the most energy, but also because I’ve reached a threshold of general miserable-feelingness. I’ve been inexplicably exhausted (lying in bed at end of day way before bedtime), addicted to coffee, chocolate and wine (great things in life, but in moderation!), and generally off the healthy-eating bandwagon a bit (unless sweet-potatoe fries and pizza count?).

My seasonal detoxes vary in type: in the colder months I tend to experiment with Ayurvedic cleanses, in the springtime I usually do an elimination cleanse (eliminating different food groups each day until and then re-integrating them over time to check for allergies), and in the summer months it usually is warm enough for a juice cleanse. The juice cleanse is the most intense, but it also has the quickest benefits. I don’t recommend it if you’ve never cleansed before, or during the colder months. I also don’t recommend most juice cleanses out there as many are full of fruit sugars. Instead, opt for the most alkaline juice cleanses.

I’ve tried all the big named ones over the past few years (BluePrintCleanse, Organic Avenue, even SweetPress) but I mostly made the juices at home- an incredibly laborious endeavor.  I used to believe it was most economical, but the expenses of buying tons of vegetables and fruits, and the amount of time it takes to press the juices (I had a cold press at the time for maximum nutrient extraction) sometimes doesn’t outweigh the cost when you just buy a pack of green juices, empty half of them into other bottles and fill the rest with water to get through the days.  The full packages by these companies are usually a rip-off as they include a a lemon-cayenne-agave-purified water juice for $10. Really??? You should have these ingredients at home anyway to make it in two seconds at home!

Now that I’m in the London area I decided to try Raw&Juicy.



By Day 2, I’m already feeling a bit lighter in my body (not weight-wise necessarily, just a bit less stuffed). My energy levels are high without caffeine (big surprise to me!) and by noon I’m not too hungry. But, just wait until late afternoon and I’m sure I’ll be begging for chocolate.

7am – Hot water & Lemon Juice

7-7:15am – seated meditation

7:15-7:45am – (light) yoga detox sequence

8am – Aloe Vera Shot, Spirulina shot, Husk & Clay, Bicarbonate of soda (not all at once)

8:15am – Dry brush, shower

8:30am – Juice + 1 Kelp tablet

10am – Juice

1pm – Juice

3pm – Half of Almond milk (when I tend to get hungry)

6pm -Juice

6:30pm – Charcoal

8pm – Cup of vegetable bouillon

9pm- Second half of almond milk

End of day – enema (if needed)

Warm bath with dead sea salts

Throughout the day: lots of water, mixed alkaline powder and water


Stay tuned for juice recipes!!



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